Consulting Services

Zeev Dori Business Consultation specializes in providing strategic, management consultation and support for organizations and companies.

Our consultation services focus on providing a solution which is tailored to the client’s needs and to the organization’s requirements.

Based on our 30-year experience in consultation to our many clients, such needs may be classified into the following categories:

  • Work plans
  • Technology
  • Human resources
  • Management
  • Organization’s information and knowledge
  • Decision making

The first and foremost component is the organization’s managerial layout. Business results are a direct outcome of management. Managerial methodology is the most important factor for achieving business results as defined by the organization.

The actual difference between an “organization that runs” and “an organization which is managed” is reflected in the control over products and the results aimed at by the organization. Often, in spite of management’s tasks and ongoing work, the control and reporting systems are overlooked only to be unavailable and/or insufficient when required. In modern times, turning information into knowledge is a critical need for an organization to be able to cope in contemporary competitive environment.

The characteristics of contemporary environment require fast, updated response to market events, and products’ shorter life cycle due to technological progress requires the organization to be updated at all times and respond to the various events. Denial on the part of the organization to those events may sometimes result in irreversible damage. Thanks to our business experience, we, at Zeev Dori Business Consultation, provide the organization with a head start in the form of business and executive knowledge gained through extensive activity with various organizations and companies in the business community.

Many organizations and companies do not require long-term executive training, and sometimes an external opinion is required regarding the organization’s decision making processes and/or prior to the implementation of certain changes. We provide an expanded input as to the occurrences within and without the organization thereby allowing to locate its unprofitability sources and assimilate the required changes. Our consultation services provide feedback regarding decision making in the organization. In addition, we identify and assimilate good work procedures which have been successfully implemented by similar, leading organizations.