Professional manager saves Brill Shoe Industries from losses

Main findings:

  • A long-standing, family business with a reputation of a leading footwear product.
  • Large customer – 85% – the IDF.
  • Other customers – 15% – local market.

Organization’s status – lack of job descriptions; unreasonable appointment of CEO; emotion rather than logic controls ongoing work; problematic personal relationship within the family (son versus brother-in-law); miscorrelation between organization size and scope of sales – production capacity is 4 times the actual sales capacity.

All the above have resulted in the collapse of the plant, appointment of a receiver and preparation of a recovery plan.
In the course of 9 months the following actions have been executed:

  • Change of the mix in favor of domestic, civil market + export
  • Cutting down equipment and infrastructures and adjustment to sales capacity
  • Definition of gauges and targets on customer/product/agent levels
  • Participation in tenders of institutional clients – Egged, El-Al, Bezeq, the Israel Electricity Corporation, Israeli Prison Service.
  • Acquisition of models from an Italian designer for the purpose of participating in export exhibitions.

End result

The company has undergone a recovery process and continues its activity in the market.