Reorganization of Ishtak Group

For the purpose of rehabilitating Ishtak Group, Zeev Dori was appointed as the company’s Acting Chairperson.

The following changes have been implemented:

  • Rehabilitation of the group
  • Restoring investors’ faith in the group
  • Appointment of a new board of directors for the group – to restore investors’ faith
  • Appointment of new CEOs to the subsidiaries for improved management
  • Expanding subsidiary Kopel brand to “New Kopel”
  • Raising bank financing for increasing number of transactions
  • Selling the group’s non-profitable operations

After a period of two years and the rehabilitation of the group, subsidiaries were sold to potential investors, and investors’ entire money was returned.

Sold companies:

  • Ishtak Capital Markets
  • Ishtak Technologies
  • New Kopel Leasing