Our clients get results!

  • Mergers and acquisitionsidentification of opportunities in the business environment for forming force multipliers while exploiting added values for mergers/acquisitions and differentiation of the business.
  • Strategy consultancyformulation of strategic plans and assimilating them while exploiting indicators and goals on company and individual levels for meeting company’s vision.
  • Launching projectsassistance with launching projects requiring familiarity with the business environment based on accumulative knowledge in launching projects of all sizes.
  • Business guidanceproviding solutions to businesses’ end-to-end needs while exploiting business knowledge and innovative technology for a relative advantage in the near and far business environment.

List of services

Our services lead to measurable results for our clients!

We have accumulative, proven experience in dozens of client-specific solutions and results in the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Organization
  • Operation
  • Technologies
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Finance
  • Managnent

A 30-year experience and dozens of successful companies allow us to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions.

Management services

It is lonely at the top.

Being CEO, all objectives, goals, indicators and possible ways of action are defined for the purpose of maximizing the systems under your charge. On the other hand, lack of time, little familiarity with the area and the gaps between ideals and reality do not enable you, the CEO, to pay the required executive attention to ongoing management issues. Can you divide your time between the organization’s external and internal environments without being drawn into the internal one? If not, these are the place and time to use our management services!

As CEO, we will enable you to divide your areas of responsibility such that you will be able to dedicate most of your efforts to the areas of priority where you have a relative advantage. We will help with the rest of managerial aspects – planning, logistics, manufacture management, financial management, marketing and sales, customers’ service, technology and more.

We have experience in providing business management and guidance services to large and medium-size leading businesses in the Israeli market. Our management services may be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively amongst our clients – our extensive experience of over 30 years and varied clientele attest to that.