Information Technology

Information technology aims at enhancing the business results of the organization thereby allowing it to accomplish its goals in a competitive business environment. Business IT systems are strategic systems enabling the organization to exhaust the maximum potential available within and without the organization.

Business intelligence systems provide historical and contemporary information as well as future forecasts regarding business activity and may be used to identify significant patterns for organization management, and to create reports, warnings and alerts for the purpose of making executive decisions. The vast increase in the amount of data collected in the organization and they way they transfer from information to knowledge used by executives for decision making processes serve as a platform and growth engine for the organization.

Information systems are often based on the infrastructures of the previous structure while more layers and data are added with time, resulting in information and system overload within the organization. System overload and maladjustment of the architectural structure of the systems to the needs of the organization and its environment are counterproductive, complicate the organization’s activity and in fact result in a relative disadvantage within the business environment. The statements ‘The system works, why upgrade it?’ and/or ‘why do I need any more data?’ are often voiced expressing executives’ positions regarding various technologies which they conceive as a ‘black box’ which is not to be touched, as ‘they consume resources”.

Information technology is one of the strongest “relative advantages” in modern business environment, and the speed in which information becomes knowledge provides the organization with the ability to compete in its business environment. With the experience accumulated in IT analysis and by implementing changes and improvements of the organization’s IT systems, we allow executives to improve their organization’s information technology.