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We work with and for you. The full cooperation of the company's management is vital if this process is to be successful. It is impossible to integrate the company's systems into the process without the management's commitment as a full partner. The success of this change depends on the management.

Results require force multipliers. The management's leadership in fact creates force multipliers in respect of both external and internal bodies when implementing business processes.

Information Technology is used as an integral part of the change and enhancement of the organization in promoting its goals and objectives.

Participator consultation methods allow us to review the organization's internal and external processes thereby locating the "unprofitability sources" affecting ongoing conduct.

By using a computerized control and report system and instilling measurement systems and targets on individual/unit/organization levels, it will be possible to control the organization's business steps from time to time and continuously improve them. Strategic process – the strategic process is actually devised based on the management's vision and future plans for the organization.

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Test Cases

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